Primary School LOTE / After School Care

Primary School LOTE

Jo Jo Bilingual Early Learning Program offers a brilliant Primary School bilingual program which enables LOTE teacher to better assist their children in class and work alongside existing Primary Schools LOTE program. Our programs is specialised, following Victorian Essential Learning Standards - VELS guidelines, which enhances Primary School's existing LOTE program.

Jo Jo employes Australian trained and qualified Primary School Teachers, all with native language skills and most of them have completed their tertiary qualification in their home/first language, before studying in Australia and they have the VIT (Victorian Institute of Teaching) registration after they've gained their Australia qualification. Some of them are in their final year of the Primary School Tertiary studies.

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After School Care

Jo Jo Bilingual Learning After School Program is perfect for and specialises in assisting with existing After School Care programs within the Primary School educational environment, Monday to Friday. Jo Jo's students love coming and joining in with our Jo Jo's After School Care Program, it is fun and easy to learn and our students love the fact that they feel that they are not missing out on their regular weekend sports, leisure and social activities with their peer groups and families, and at the same time, having the added convenience of the community language's studies straight after school. Therefore, the students are more willing to continue with their learning skills of a target language of their choice, which works alongside, supports and encourages them to be freely more involved their existing language studies.

We utilise existing classroom settings and resources, within your school premises thus providing a more cost effective solution for all After School Care Programs. As with Jo Jo's Primary School Lote Programs, our staff all have extensive cultural and native linguistic backgrounds, as well as are all fully qualified and have Primary School and early learning teaching training from various Australian Tertiary Teaching Institutes.

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