Who We Are

Our Aim

Jo Jo Bilingual Education aims to offer a brilliant, concise, fun and easy to learn bilingual learning program, that accommodates young children from the ages of 0 to 12 years of age, and focuses on catering for different milestones throughout their growing lives, providing social inclusion, cultural diversity and creating a sense of belonging for each individual child and their family.


Director & Trainer

Marisha Theeboom is an experienced, trained Mandarin teacher, fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and English, accomplished business woman, has been the Managing Director of successful International businesses, extremely competent in a variety of roles: Finance and Sales Manager, Administration, Marketing & Advertising. Amongst all of these, Marisha has also been a volunteer community worker since 1987. She has worked with various age groups, cultures and continents, and has been involved with a large charitable organisation that spans Taiwan, America and South Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree from the University of Cape Town, R.S.A., 1996. Since 2006, Marisha continuously updates her extensive knowledge through attending professional development courses within Australia, at R.M.I.T. and recently has just completed her Certificate in 'Professional Development for Teachers in Community Languages Schools' at Monash University in 2010 which focus on LOTE methodology in Early Years Teaching.

As a migrant herself, Marisha moved to Melbourne with her husband and first born child in 2001. At first hand, she experienced the difficulties involved in settling in well within the local community. Joining a local playgroup, she felt more and more frustrated and isolated as cultural differences didn't allow for communication. She realised that the local playgroups offered opportunities for social gathering but didn't meet the needs of the growing child. So she set out to use her early childhood teaching experience and developed Jo Jo Bilingual Education Program.

Jo Jo Bilingual Education Program caters to the needs of different early childhood educational set ups and languages, and is the first bilingual program of its kind in Australia designed in three languages: Chinese, Spanish and German for young children aged newborn-12 years old.

Wanting to continue to help others in a similar situation, as Marisha originally found herself in when she first arriving Australia, she would like to enable the newly immigrants and local community to get together and understand each others cultures and languages through a fun and stimulating play environment using Jo Jo Bilingual Education program as its foundation. With Marisha's continued passion and dedication to creating a better program in early childhood bilingual education and bridging the gap within the community, and various cultures and backgrounds, she established Kimmba Bilingual Learning Playgroup Inc., Australia's first multilingual playgroup in 2007.

Marisha believes that Jo Jo Bilingual Education Programs and the establishment of Kimmba Bilingual Learning Inc. would help to enable more migrants from different cultures to retain their culture diversity and self identity; at the same time develop their skills and English proficiency.

Marisha continuously to demonstrate her sound knowledge as a teacher and a trained community worker with solid organisation, co-ordination and liaison skills. Her specialty as a language teacher for young children and a mother of three energetic young daughters, she knows how to encourage little wondering minds to settle in and gain the best understanding from each language session. Most importantly, Marisha knows how to have great fun with children while helping them learn a second language through a loving and caring environment alongside using a brilliant concise fun and easy to learn bilingual program that Jo Jo provides.

Jo Jo Bilingual Education Program not only caters for newborns, or toddlers, but also caters for the early learning centers and kindergartens, as well as Primary School LOTE and After School Care programs. Kimmba Bilingual Early Learning Centre is the establishment of Melbourne's very first Multilingual Early Learning Centre in St Kilda East. Marisha is looking forward to provide such a unique and innovative preschool bilingual early learning program that's meeting with Early Year Learning Frame Work to more child care centres and preschools and kindergartens Australia wide.